A project By Jesse James / AVT 385 EcoArt Proposal The issue that I wish to address in the Grow project is one that pertains to land use; more so, guerrilla gardening tactics (seed bombing, moss graffiti, co-op/troop digs, etc.). The approach is going to be one that relates to humanRead More →

Vertical Garden by Nicholas Daughtry & Heena Chotani Zone 7 Winter plants Vegetables: Cabbage Family Collards (brassica oleracea) large, spoon shaped, smooth leaves stem grows 36 inches; roots run around plant so mulching is necessary. deeply ruffled sturdy leaves Kale Stem grows 24 inches; roots run around plant so mulching isRead More →

The Late Harvest by Melanie Columbus http://melaniecolumbus.weebly.com/ Concept and Design The premise behind my concept is a reflection and response to Damien Hirst’s sculptural pieces using preservation methods to halt the rate and effects of decomposition. His preservation of mortality is a unique approach to art as he submerses organicRead More →

It was the best year yet for the Noise Awareness festival, and once again pizza was the sustenance that helped sustain the sonic mayhem into the early hours of the morning. Could it be that the intense sounds of that evening are now somehow encoded in the fibers of cardboard like grooves on aRead More →

theharshnoiselevelofbirds and Radiation, Its Legal! by Bird Hansen An interactive installation held at gmu’s crit space meant to bring about information on the decline of bird populations in north america due in part to overwhelming amounts of garbage interrupting their habitats as well as the influence consumerism has on peopleRead More →

Participant Julie Ross PROJECT PROPOSAL The issue of focus is food in the dining halls and the lack of transparency surrounding it. Students literally don’t know what is in their food or where it is coming from. In order to have a safer and healthier food environment on campus, thereRead More →

The Navy Shower by Julie Ross PROJECT PROPOSAL The biological process of cleaning oneself in order to retain good health and/or attract a mate meets the cultural idea of shower as a place to become more beautiful or relax or think. Cleanliness is not the only objective in the shower.Read More →

A Portrait of Consumption by Nicholas C. Daughtry WATER PER DAY Shower Old showers used to use up to 5 gallons of water per minute. Water-saving shower heads produce about 2 gallons per minute. Tip: Taking a shorter shower using a low-flow showerhead saves lots of water. Teeth brushing <1 gallon.Read More →