Draw 2 Gnaw Open to all visitors: Art and Design Building. Local food potluck and collaborative food system drawing. All food grown, purchased, and prepared within a 50 mile radius of George Mason University campus. Homemade drawing charcoal made by Chris Rusinko. Food prepared and drawing initiated by Chris Rusinko, Anthony Frank, MelanieRead More →

Public local food potluck and movie night. All food grown, purchased, and prepared within a 50 mile radius of the George Mason University Campus. Films shown, Food Inc., and Dirt. Participants: Judy Almond, Andrew Kennedy, Tito Araujo, Brian Dang, Erika Santoyo, Valdy Sica, Shanna Carvell, Carrie Idol-Richards, Mark Cooley, Beth Hall, Celia Cooley & more… anRead More →