a project by J. Yin This digital illustration is a homage and parody of the famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus. The original painting is known for its beauty, love and nature. I redrew the painting digitally in an illustrative art style with distinct black lines. TheRead More →

a project by V. Cline For Project Consume, I focused on the issue of waste by creating a collage series made from the trash that I produced throughout the week. In this series, I decided to examine my consumption and disposal patterns by displaying the waste symbolically to represent theRead More →

a project by V. Cline For Project Remediate, I focused on the issue of energy and resource management by creating a worm composting bin. With conservation in mind, I was interested in developing a system where my food waste feeds an organism (the worms) and consequently converts it into energyRead More →

a project by Nader Abilmona The goal of my Project Consume will be to raise awareness on the toxicity of human consumerism on the individual (household) level, and present a proposal to mitigate this damage.  I chose to take this approach because in my personal experience, many of my friends,Read More →