A project by Nader Abilmona This project works off the principles set forth by Time-banking, a time-credit transaction where the artists exchanged time and skills: the building of custom coffee table and the building of a website management source code were exchanged between the participants at the completion of theRead More →

A Project by Savannah Crawford The idea is simple: construct an item of clothing using as many secondhand items as possible and re-imagine the life of discarded goods. Luckily, Unique and Value Village have TONS to choose from – including extensive home-goods. Eco-clothing is becoming more popular but is often notRead More →

A project By Jesse James / AVT 385 EcoArt Proposal The issue that I wish to address in the Grow project is one that pertains to land use; more so, guerrilla gardening tactics (seed bombing, moss graffiti, co-op/troop digs, etc.). The approach is going to be one that relates to humanRead More →