NeoNature is a project produced by professor Jaimes Mayhew‘s Introduction to New Media course. Students produced digital conceptual works that were made accessible via QR code images posted throughout the Green Studio. Visitors could augment their experience of the physical site by scanning the codes with their phones and accessingRead More →

A swale is a dead-level ditch dug on the land’s contour. Swales can mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff by capturing rainwater letting it percolate into the soil and form underground storage reservoirs for plants. The dirt is turned over downslope from the swale to form a berm, which isRead More →

SoA Green Studio Installations 2014Patriot Green Fund Grant: Installation of medicinal plants.Sheet mulching and heirloom popping corn grown and harvested by Sarah Irvin and Nathan Loda.Annual gardening by Ben AshworthStudent Installations from AVT 385 Eco-Art w/ Professor Mark Cooley, Team: Vinson Corbo, Melanie Columbus, Anthony Frank, Zoey Khan, Mary McIvor, Denis Pokolev, ChrisRead More →

SoA Green Studio installations by AVT 385 Eco-Art, Professor, Mark Cooley. Team: Daniel Aiuto, Elena Ball, Peter Burgess, John Chanel, Rebekah Clark, Kristina Georgacopoulos, Suresh Lama Tamang, Kat Lee, Olivia Lee, Ghotbee Lim, Lauren Melde, Geraldine Oliva, Dana Peters, Amber Schofield, Sarah Terry, Erin Ziegler. Included, fruit trees, medicinal andRead More →

Green Studio Installations by AVT 385 Eco-Art students: Jennifer Beidel, Julia Douglas, Anartia Gamboa, Heather Jones, Sophia Kang, April Lyons, Kevin Moss, Lauren Peery, Charles Swan, Jennifer Sweeney, Stacey Vassil. Site designs produced. Installations included, footpaths, edible, medicinal, and beneficial plants for pollinators and erosion control. Student Green Studio ManagerRead More →

Permaculture Design Course with Wayne Weiseman and The Mason Sustainability Institute The Green Studio was one of several sites on the Mason campus which served as work and design sites for  The Mason Sustainability Institute‘s annual  Permaculture Design Certification course taught by Wayne Weiseman of The Permaculture Project.Read More →

2010 agriArt course members: Judy Almond, Andrew Kennedy, Tito Araujo, Brian Dang, Erika Santoyo, Valdy Sica, Shanna Carvell, Carrie Idol-Richards. Professor: Mark Cooley, Graduate Teaching Assistant and EcoArtist in Residence, Suzanne Desaix.Read More →