A project By Jesse James / AVT 385 EcoArt


The issue that I wish to address in the Grow project is one that pertains to land use; more so, guerrilla gardening tactics (seed bombing, moss graffiti, co-op/troop digs, etc.). The approach is going to be one that relates to human ecology and the urban landscape. For this project, I will be working in an array of mediums which include: Sculpture, Installation/Public Art, and Gardening (moss graffiti and/or seed bombing). My strategy is to educate passerby’s on Guerrilla Gardening by having them scan a moss graffiti QR code which will be framed by bamboo. I hope to have three to five framed moss graffiti murals, growing on the concrete wall of the Green Studio here on George Mason University’s Fairfax campus. I’m also hoping that this project encompasses the spirit of Marcel DuChamp’s notion of what constitutes art. This is intended to be seen by the mason community.