a project by Chen BI Petri dishes 1. Sample from fingertips after eating hamburger. Bacteria growth after one week. Petri dish 2. Sample from fingertips after eating pizza. Bacteria growth after one week.Read More →

a project by J. Yin This digital illustration is a homage and parody of the famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus. The original painting is known for its beauty, love and nature. I redrew the painting digitally in an illustrative art style with distinct black lines. TheRead More →

an illustration by J. Yin The imagery in my piece shows a tree with a giant earthworm curled around it like a serpent. It is an allusion to the tree of Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. Inside the tree shows a typical, American suburban house with a lawn. The snake ofRead More →

a proposal by V. Nagy Theme: Reinvent the Etsy Market with Low-Income Artists in Mind Issue: Sustainability, Economic Reforms Approach: Social Ecology and Sustainable Development Art Genre: Social Practice, Tactical Media Strategy: Intervene, Investigate Etsy has become a reliable way for artists the world over to share their craft andRead More →

a proposal by V. Nagy Theme: Sharing a Drink as an Opportunity to Build Community and a Mindfulness Practice Issue: Community Degradation, Deteriorating Mental Health Approach: Social Ecology, Human Ecology Art Genre: Installation, Event, Social Practice Strategy: Celebrate, Intervene George Mason University is a large college, with students from allRead More →