Water Taste Test

Water Tasting
A project by Paul Beatty for AVT 385 EcoArt

Issue = Plastic Water Bottle Waste
Method of Activism = Demonstration / Participatory Event
Suggestion = Conduct a water tasting activity in which people taste a variety of waters and state which is the best. Inform them about water regulations and plastic consumption/waste

Bottled Water: Aquafina, Smart Water, Deer Park
Public Water: Fairfax Public Tap Water

Project Proposal:
One of the greatest misconceptions that exist in today’s society is that bottled water is not only superior in terms of taste than the average tap water, but that it is “healthier”. This has lead to an unfortunate situation in which excessively large amounts of plastic are used in packaging, consumed, and then eliminated/wasted. The plastic associated with purchasing a bottle of water will simply end up in a landfill where it will remain for decades without degrading. Although recycling can curb the issue in terms of plastic waste, not enough people recycle to have a meaningful impact. Therefore, a new approach is necessary in order to make long-lasting changes. To eliminate this chain of events, if people can simply be willing to carry around reusable glass bottles, we can prevent the consumption of the plastic – which will allow for future plastics to be used elsewhere (hopefully more efficiently). Since public water and privatized water regulation fall under different organizations, there is evidence that there are indeed differences in water processing. In fact, the public water supply is under more strict regulations than privatized water bottling industry. Therefore, so long as the water from the tap is filtered, it is more economical, eco-friendly, and perhaps a safer method of consumption. For instance, just like the example provided during class earlier in the semester, when doing the calculations, people pay on average $3 to $4 per gallon for gas in their car, but are paying $8 to $10 per gallon for water. In order to convey this, we need to provide people with logical alternatives and disprove their current ideas. I propose that we host a water tasting event on campus in which people can literally taste the difference (or lack of) between bottled water and tap water. We can also talk with people and present them with compelling information like the examples above.

Paul Beatty 2015

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