becoming-Botanical: a post-modern liber herbalis

Book: becoming-Botanical: a post-modern liber herbalis

Article: Kudzu: The Plant that (never) Ate the South”

EDITED BY Josh Armstrong and Alexandra Lakind
PUBLISHED BY Objet-a Creative Studio; Glasgow, Scotland
PRINTED BY Mixam, United Kingdom

It’s awesome to be included in this new fascinating book published by Objet-a Creative Studio in Glasgow, Scotland. The book features 46 entries from over 50 international artists, researchers and practitioners spanning 6 continents–beautifully fusing academia, scientific and ecological research, art, and creative practice.

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Green Studio

SoA Green Studio website
2010 – Present

Located on the grounds of the George Mason University’s Art and Design Campus, SoA Green Studio offers students a living studio in which to creatively explore the interdependence of biological and cultural systems. The Green Studio exists, as any working art studio does, in constant flux and develops organically through the relationship artists form with the developing ecology of the site.

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SubHerban Roots

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SubHerban Roots, is a community-based family art project & business established in 2013 that offers homegrown homemade herbal remedies and home-scale permaculture design services to the Northern Virginia and Washington DC communities. SubHerban Roots is an art project, but it is not an ironic business-as-art performance. Rather, our work is a sincere art-of-everyday-life pro-formance. Through this pro-formance, we hope to provide for our family and help others take agency in regard to their personal health and the health of the land on which we all depend.

SubHerban Roots is a family collective project by
Beth Hall, Mark and Celia Cooley