Flawdio Records features the sound work of Mark Cooley and collaborators.

Contact: mcooley@gmu.edu

“A one-man instrumental post-rock juggernaut who sounds like Fred Frith and Robert Fripp snorting crushed sunflowers with Talking Heads.” – Casey Rae (CEO Future of Music Coalition / Lux Eterna Records)

“Mark Cooley’s “Recomposition #4” really sidles up to your ears and thumps you across the head, as more typical slice of electroacoustic music is rudely and deliciously interrupted by some detourned Fahey-esque folk finger-picking. “  – Jon Dale (Grooves)

“Mark Cooley’s opening loop on ‘Recomposition #4’ shows initially a fascination with deconstruction before gracefully transitioning into spectacular guitar and harp based themes.” – Jeff Melton (Expose)

“Carl Stone and Mark Cooley provide highlights, the former with a delicate piece of ambient digital noise, the latter with a moody manipulation of a folk guitar theme.” – Francois Couture (All-Music Guide)

“Mark Cooley’s “Recomposition #4”, in which introspective acoustic guitar strums and licks are interspersed with synthetic sweeps and electronic interludes;” – Mark Vail (Keyboard)

“Mark Cooley starts off with a spacey and somewhat noisey sound-art pattern. But he soon does an abrupt transition to an acoustic guitar ambient Bluegrass piece. Wow… that was the last thing I was expecting! So I’m enjoying the guitar, but a noise pattern takes over and develops into a strange Residents-like bit, and then…. well, you get the idea. Cooley is really all over the map, but this is indeed interesting.” – Jerry Kranitz (Aural Innovations)

“After the first three tracks of “difficult” to comprehend compositions, suddenly on the next by American Mark Cooley, normality appears to return. The first five minutes consists of riffs played on acoustic guitars which appears to be of a relatively standard nature, but of course it all changes when a little more chaos is introduced and then towards the end its back to the original theme. It is probably the most easily accessible on this album and I really like ‘Recomposition #4’.” – Brooky (Modern Dance)

“Mark Cooley successfully joins clearly present country-ish guitar sounds and electronics.” – BR (Vital Weekly)