The Way of Torn Flesh

by Bushmeat Sound System

The body is a vessel for storing time. This time is measured by the changes that the body can impose on the world and the many changes that the world will necessarily impose on any body. The image of death is the image of the police. And in a culturally fragmented world, the image of the police is the only image of society that is truly recognizable as social, that is, as shared. For some time now, we have all shared images of police releasing the time stored within black bodies and allowing that time to spill into the space that we are told to call home. The bodies being destroyed in these proliferating images tend towards black because black bodies are inherently photogenic in a world of white frames. The image of survival is the image of the maroon.

Excerpted from Ghost Dancing with Khepera
(c) Thomas Stanley


released June 5, 2020

Sara D – voice
Mark Cooley – guitars
Herb White – organ, moog
Kifah Foutah – drums
Bushmeat – text, synth, efx

Thomas Stanley/Herb White – production
Mark Cooley – Cover Art

Recorded at Uniqek Sound Studios, Washington DC
March 16, 2018 AD