Join our CSH – Community Supported Herbalism

We’ve seen a revolution in farming over the past decade. Farmers all over the United States, many of them young start-ups, are challenging the predominant logic of the industrial food system and creating food that promises a more sustainable future for our bodies, our lands, and our communities.  Progressive farming practices include many innovations, and as soon as one series of innovations gets codified and mainstreamed, such as the case with certified organic, farmers are soon presenting more challenges to the system with ecological farming techniques and “beyond organic” thinking. But as we’ve seen, innovation does not begin and end in the fields. Farmers are thinking about the whole system, from field to table.  Community Supported Agriculture or “CSA” applies the ecological balance farmers work towards in their fields to the social and economic aspects of food production and consumption. CSA farms build real relationships based on mutual support with the communities they serve.  Community Supported Herbalism or (CSH) is a form of CSA which attempts to build grassroots wellness by helping folks reclaim practical knowledge of herbs and herbal preparations and how they are used to build health, immunity, and vitality. 

We offer the following shares:

  1. Season Share (6 month) $160
  2. Winter Share (3 month) Nov.-Jan. $80
  3. One Month Share – May-Jan. $28

Each month our CSH members can expect:

  1. Choice of our 1 oz. herbal tinctures;
  2. Choice of our 1 oz. herbal salves;
  3. Choice of our 1/2 oz. herbal teas;
  4. And one seasonal product such as:
    • Potted herb plants
    • Fresh herbs
    • 1 quart of our homemade kombucha
    • Bath and body items  
    • Organic Catnip Kitty toys
    • and more 

sign up for your share. Email us 
or call us at 540.692.1608

All CSH members enjoy 10% off all other products throughout the year.