About Celia


Celia & her dad Mark have been making noise (some of it musical) since Celia developed gross motor skills. They’ve played at the annual Noise Awareness Festival at George Mason University for several years in sets ranging from beautifully bizarre improvisations to straight up classic rock. Other performances include ROTH (Roofs Over Their Heads) local benefit for the homeless, and The Bridge Project community art exhibition. Celia also happens to be the singer, songwriter, drummer, and emerging guitar player for “The House Band” at her own house where she and her dad can often be found playing to an exceedingly small audience of online friends, hermit crabs, and a thankless cat.


Celia began acting at age 6 when she landed a lead role as a fairy god mother. She never missed a line and took on the ridiculous role with a kind of grace and soul that belied her young age. She wore rain boots encrusted with a pound of blue glitter. A toxic stench from the spray adhesive her dad had dumbly used permeated the room and intoxicated the moms and dads in attendance. Since then, Celia has appeared in many community theatre productions at RAAC Theatre, Fauquier Community Theatre, and Selah Theatre Project. She is known locally for her comic characters, beginning years ago as an overweight mouse lamenting the shortcomings of the justice system in Alice in Wonderland, and more recently, exposing the absurd tragic comedy of Orwell’s Animal Farm as Molly the horse and Muriel the goat.


In her toddler years, Celia began performing improvised skits in front of the camera. Her “early work” is marked by the kind of shameless and over-the-top reckless abandon Nicholas Cage could only dream of (and much of it censored by her parents as a result). And for years she toiled and struggled as a true artist must. And then, at age 7, Celia made national news after posting video interviews with Washington DC Occupy demonstrators and in the process doing what Fox or CNN hadn’t wanted to or been able to – simply explain why they were there. Then, when Celia was 11, Oh, Romeo, a parody of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with Celia’s cat “Firepaw” cast as Romeo, received international attention when it won The British Council’s global film competition as part of a year-long celebration of Shakespeare, on the 400th anniversary of his death. Celia and her family (excluding Romeo) all got to go to London, meet awesome “industry” folks, and all sorts of stuff (it’s all on the blog). Since then, Celia’s work has been screened at several film festivals in the US, UK, and Canada.

Other stuff

Now 13, Celia has done a ton of other stuff:  Travel – Canada, Greece, France, England, The Netherlands, Germany. Competitions – Blue ribbons at the Virginia Gourd Festival (yes that’s right gourds), The Fauquier County 4H fashion show (for a dress she designed and made), and one year, wrapped up nearly all the ribbons and trophies at the Fauquier County Fair Pet Show with her pet pig, Fern. Celia has also participated in The Cooking Challenge, the local 4H version of “Chopped”, Destination Imagination, a robot club, a Jr. Naturalist program, and many other programs. Celia makes her own line of organic catnip kitty toys, called “Herban Kitty” that she sells at the farmers market (and here!). Celia is an avid reader, writer, and loves movies and music. Celia is homeschooled and is currently taking online classes from various universities around the world. Celia is not addicted to her phone, almost totally ignoring its capacity to call and text in favor of its ability to play Joan Jett and Sinead O’Conner videos.

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